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Tom Stodulka

Tom StodulkaTom Stodulka has been a lawyer for 30 years having graduated in Law at Sydney University in 1974. He is a specialist mediator, conciliator, facilitator and victim-offender conference convenor. In addition to a career as a legal officer in the Navy he has worked for a number of diverse organizations including the NSW Public Trustee, the Legal Aid Division of the NSW Law Society, the ACT Housing Review Committee and Health Complaints Commission, the NT Attorney General’s Department and the Federal Merit Protection and Review Agency.

He has held senior positions in Government including National Director of Naval Legal Services, Deputy Ombudsman (NT), Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (NT), Chair Health Complaints Review Committee (NT), Principal Community Visitor (NT) and Policy Director Attorney-General’s Department (NT).

He has mediated over 600 disputes throughout Australia ranging from family law matters for Relationships Australia (ACT, NT and Qld), the Qld Federal Magistrates Court, the Conflict Resolution Service (ACT) and Resolve (NT), to franchise disputes for the National Office of Mediation Adviser, and multi-party disputes involving remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. In April 2005 he presented a workshop on dealing with disputes in Aboriginal communities at the University of Queensland Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Conference and has written articles for the ADR and ADRA Bulletins.

He is accredited as a specialist and senior mediator and mentor with LEADR, IAMA, the Qld Law Society, the Defence Department and all Qld Courts and the Federal Magistrates Court. In addition to coaching and training in mediation for LEADR, Bond University, the University of Qld and the Trillium Group, he sits on the Qld Law Society ADR Committee and was a former Director of LEADR and President of the NT Mediation Association.

Tom recently established the Qld Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Forum with over 150 members who meet regularly to discuss all aspects of mediation and to help identify ways of promoting ADR in Qld. Through his partnership with Mutual Mediations he has ADR contracts with numerous Government Agencies, Land Councils and community groups.

Tom Stodulka

Mediator; Negotiator; Conciliator; Facilitator; Solicitor; Specialist in multi-party disputes; Chairperson; Adjudicator

LLB (Uni of Syd)
Dip Strat Studies (Uni of NSW)
Grad Cert in Mediation (Family)(Uni of SA)
Bond University; LEADR, IAMA, ACCORD & CRS Accreditation

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Experience:
Mediator - Federal Govt to facilitate a resolution of Aboriginal Tent Embassy issues. 600 Mediations in commercial, franchising, workplace, community, harassment, anti-discrimination, family, health-rights and environmental disputes. LEADR - Advanced mediator, mentor and Panel member. Accredited mediator supervisor. Coach for Bond Uni and University of Qld, LEADR and Trillium Group. Qualified conference facilitator. Franchising Code of Conduct mediator and Office of Mediation Adviser (OMA) Panel member. Member Law Society of Qld and QLS ADR Committee. Solicitor Qld, NT, NSW. LEADR former Director, Dept. of Defence – Accredited Mediator. LAMS (Law Society Approved Mediator)

Other Relevant Experience:
Federal Government – mediator/facilitator – Aboriginal Tent Embassy dispute
Legal Aid – Qld - Chairpersons panel
Supreme/District/Magistrates Courts of Queensland – Approved Mediator
Queensland Government – EPA; Qld Transport; Qld Health; Qld Rail; Education Qld
Brisbane/Redcliffe/Maroochy City Council – specialist services/mediator – panel
Mediator Relationships Australia 1995 – 1996, 2003 – 2004
Crown Solicitors Office – Native Title Section – Mediation – experts register
North Qld Land Council Native Title Representative Body – mediation consultant
Queensland South Representative Body Aboriginal Corporation – panellist mediator
Torres Strait Regional Authority –panel mediator
Gurang Land Council – panel mediator
Australian Government – Australian Customs Service – panellist mediator
Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (NT) 1999 – 2002
Chair Health Complaints Review Committee (NT) 2000 – 20002
Principal Community Visitor (NT) 2000 – 2002
Director Policy AG’s NT 1998 – 1999
Mediator and Mediation Supervisor - Resolve (NT) 1997 – 1999
Work Health Authority (NT) Mediator panel 1998 – 1999
President Mediation Association NT 1998
Member of ACT Mediation Competency Standards Working Group 1995 – 1996
Conciliator ACT Health Complaints Commission 1995 – 1996
Mediator ACT Retail Tenancy Tribunal 1996 – 1997
Coach & Mediator Conflict Resolution Service 1995 – 1996
Facilitator Federal Merit Protection and Review Agency 1995 – 1996
Member ACT Housing Review Committee 1995 – 1996
Mediator NSW Dept of Fair Trading 1996
Mediator Canberra Mediation Service 1995 – 1996
Director of Naval Legal Services 1992 – 1994, 1988 – 1990


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