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Callum Campbell

Callum CampbellCallum Campbell is a dispute resolution practitioner and founder/director of Mutual Mediations, a nationwide dispute resolution practice specialising in mediation, conflict resolution and interest based practices. He consults to Universities, law firms, financial institutions, non-profit organisations, governments and businesses large and small.

Callum has taught and coached mediation at such institutions as the University of Queensland, Bond University, Griffiths University and Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolution (LEADR).

He has completed an Advanced Negotiation course at Harvard Law School and obtained post graduate qualifications in Dispute Management Law, as well as holding degrees in Law and Commerce. Callum helps organisations, governments and individuals to build their capacity to manage relationships, negotiations and conflict (with suppliers, customers, alliance partners, cross-matrix teams) in ways to create, rather than destroy value.

Callum’s clients include Local, State and Federal Government agencies, in addition to local councils, private organisations and the not-for-profit sector. He has mediated powerful political disputes, board meetings and million dollar commercial transactions, and was appointed by the Federal Government to facilitate/mediate the conflict surrounding the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

He is a registered solicitor and a mediator in the Supreme, District and Magistrates courts of Queensland, as well as a conciliator for the Federal Magistrates Court. Callum is also a qualified adjudicator for the Queensland Building and Construction industry and an experienced youth justice convenor with the department of Communities and the Magistrates Courts for young offenders. Callum also sits on numerous Indigenous Land Councils as a mediator, and has mediated over 400 disputes ranging form Family, Employment, Industrial Relations, Administrative, Contract, Property and Corporate disputes to Franchising, Information Technology, Construction, Workplace Health & Safety, Trade Practices, Intellectual Property, and Educational environments. Callum is also an experienced Dispute System Designer and implementer of practices and procedures to deal with and minimise conflict.

Callum Campbell

Mediator; Negotiator; Conciliator; Solicitor; Dispute Systems Designer; Adjudicator, Youth Justice Convenor, Facilitator

B.Com (Uni of Qld)
LLB (Uni of Qld)
GDipLaws – Dispute Management Law (Uni of Qld)
Harvard Law School – Program on Negotiation – Advanced Negotiation
LEADER – accredited mediator
University of Queensland Mediation Training Course;
Mediation Skills Training Certificate - QUT ;
Certificate IV – Small Business Management – (Qld)

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Experience:
Mediator - Federal Govt to facilitate a resolution of Aboriginal Tent Embassy issues. Mediation Coach - University of Queensland (UQ)/Bond University. Guest Lecturer UQ/Griffith MBA program. Actively mediated and participated in over 400 Mediations in all areas of commercial and workplace sector and family disputes. Dispute areas dealt with include; Family; Employment; Industrial Relations; Administrative; Contract; Property; Corporate; Franchising; Information Technology; Construction; Workplace Health & Safety; Trade Practices; Intellectual Property; Construction;

Other Relevant experience:
Supreme/District/Magistrates Courts of Queensland – Approved Mediator
Supreme Court of Queensland - Admission as a Solicitor
Federal Government – mediator/facilitator – Aboriginal Tent Embassy dispute
Federal Magistrates Court – Family Law Conciliator
Federal Government - Office of the Mediation Adviser – panellist member
Federal Government – Australian Customs Service – panellist mediator
Federal Government – Office of the Mediation Advisor – panel member
Queensland Government – Environmental Protection Agency – Panellist Mediator
Queensland Government – Queensland Transport – Panellist Mediator
Queensland Government – Queensland Health – Panellist Mediator
Queensland Government – Communities Department – Youth Justice Convenor
Legal Aid Queensland’s Chairpersons Panel - conferencing
Crown Solicitors Office – Native Title Section – Mediation – experts register
Brisbane City Council – specialist services/mediator – panel
Redcliffe City Council – Panellist Mediator
Maroochy Shire Council – Panellist – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Education Queensland – panellist mediator
Adjudicate Today - adjudicator
Kimberley Land Council –panellist mediator
North Qld Land Council Native Title Representative Body – mediation consultant
Queensland South Representative Body Aboriginal Corporation – panellist mediator
Torres Strait Regional Authority –panel mediator
Gurang Land Council – panel mediator
Relationships Australia – sessional mediator
Associate to the Honourable Justice B.H. McPherson CBE – Qld Court of Appeal
Minter Ellison Lawyers 2002; Flower & Hart Solicitors 1998 – 1999


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